Oddball Nutcracker by Stamping Bella

GOOD MORNING EVERYONE! I’ve got a fun card today featuring the Oddball Nutcracker by Stamping Bella. I love the Oddball series and I’ve colored several of them in the past, but the Nutcracker is a particular favorite. Best of all, he’s relatively quick to color!

Today’s project features:

  • Oddball Nutcracker by Stamping Bella
  • Copic coloring (see marker list below)
  • Additional basic supplies linked in thumbnails below.
Rowhouse Greetings | Oddball Nutcracker by Stamping Bella

Coloring Notes for Oddball Nutcracker

I colored the stamp a few days ago, but I decided after the fact to create this video. Since I can’t seem to color anything the same way twice, you may see some differences here as I color the image a second time. The marker colors are shown in the video and below so you can follow along or substitute with markers in your stash.

The card design is pretty straightforward so I’m going to focus on the Copic coloring – specifically the red combination. If you look at the marker list for the jacket and hat – R24, E07, E09, E19 – you’ll notice that there is only one red marker in the combination. I used the three E markers to underpaint the darker “red” areas of the uniform. I started with E19 using a little in the very deepest areas, blending out with E09 and E07 respectively leaving some areas of white for the final blend. You’ll see that the colors moved from brown to a bright rusty red tone. Afterwards I applied a coat of R24 over all of the E colors plus the remaining white, creating areas with some depth as well as highlights that were true red. Techniques like this are particularly useful if you have a limited number of markers, showing how you can use underpainting to create a variety of tones.

Rowhouse Greetings | Oddball Nutcracker by Stamping Bella

That’s all for me today! Thanks for stopping by!

Rowhouse Greetings | Nancy Sheads


COPICS: E000, E00, E02, E04 (skin); BV31 (eyes); BV31, C1, C3 (hair & beard); R24, E07, E09, E19 (jacket & hat); BV31, C1, C3 (shirt); Y35, Y38, YR02 (hat & jacket); YG03, YG17, YG67 (pants); BV23, BV25, BV29 (boots)’ BV23, BV25, BV29, Y38 (belt)

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