Starting Off 2023 With a Bang!

HEY FRIENDS! Have you missed me? It’s been several weeks since I posted. I wanted to take some time off during the holidays so that was intended. The part that was unintended is that I fell and broke my leg on Christmas Day. It’s a really bad pilon break and I’ll be off my feet for awhile.

I was on bed rest for a few weeks, waiting for the swelling to subside so that I could have surgery. That finally happened last Thursday afternoon. I spent the night in the hospital and came home the next afternoon.

I’m slowly recovering, but I’m not back to coloring yet. The pain has subsided pretty much and I’m starting to spend more time out of bed, but being upright still makes me dizzy. But I’m on the other side of surgery so I feel like I’m finally on the road to recovery.

I have some unedited video of coloring projects that I’ll work on in the meantime and when I’m more mobile, I’ll get back into my studio and start coloring again.

Hope the start of your new year has been less dramatic!

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10 thoughts on “Starting Off 2023 With a Bang!

  1. I HAVE missed you!! I’m so sorry to hear about your accident. That must’ve ruined Christmas!☹️. I’m sending lots of healing energy and will look forward to your artwork…when you’re ready.

  2. That’s no way to spend Christmas! Christmas Eve I tested + for covid, and finally, today I get a – test. Still feel sick, but getting there. The three kids, granddaughter, my mom, dil & me all got it! (Hubs did not…?!) I really REALLY need to art tomorrow! I certainly hope you heal quickly…if your journey is going to be long, read Frida’s story from childhood. Its so inspiring💜💜💜. Laid up, she painted from bed!🎨

    1. You’re right – this is no way to spend Christmas! A friend reminded me that there are less dramatic ways to get out of making Christmas dinner.

      I had both Covid and rebound Covid in September and the fatigue took awhile to get over. I hope you are feeling better!

  3. I fractured my ankle and had surgery so you have my blessings for a speedy full recovery. Take it easy.

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