Old Festive Friends by My Favorite Things

HEY FRIENDS! I’m back today with something really different for me. If you saw my recent post on the Power Poppy blog for Inspire Me Monday, you’ll know that I’ve been bore with Copic coloring lately and more than a little overwhelmed with all of the new card making products that come out every month. As a teacher, I have to keep up with new products and there are so many new releases every month that sometimes it feels like I’m accumulating more stuff than I’m actually using.

And having full set syndrome doesn’t help. In addition to having a full set of Copic markers, I also have three full sets of colored pencils – Prismacolor Premier, Farber Castel Polychromos, and Caran d’Ache Luminance.

So I’ve been experimenting with my Prismacolor pencils more lately. I recently purchased the Old Festive Friends stamp set from My Favorite Things, mainly because I wanted to make a card for my brother’s upcoming birthday. He’s seven years older than me so my birthday cards for him usually reflect one of three themes: how lucky he is to have me as his sister; the fact that he’s my OLDER brother; or just the fact that he’s old. Yeah – the latter may be a little harsh, but he’s come to expect it from me!

So today’s project features:

  • Old Festive Friends by My Favorite Things
  • Colored pencils featuring Prismacolor Premier (colors listed below)
  • Additional basic supplies linked in thumbnails below.
  • Supplies linked with compensated affiliate links used where possible at no cost to you.

I kept the overall design simple so that I could just focus on the coloring. I’m relatively new to colored pencils so I’m still working out technique and color blends. It helps that I’m experienced with Copic markers though because I didn’t have to put as much thought into color selection or shading since I followed the same concepts as if I were using my markers.

Rowhouse Greetings | Old Festive Friends by My Favorite Things

I won’t say that it was quick to do because coloring with pencils takes longer than markers, but once I blocked out the shadows and the highlights, the rest fell into place.

That’s all for me today! Hope you enjoyed today’s project! See you next time!

Rowhouse Greetings | Nancy Sheads


Skin: Cream (PC914), Light Peach (PC927), Beige (PC997), Lilac (PC956)
Blue: Powder Blue (PC1087), Non-Photo Blue (PC919), Electric Blue (PC1040), Indanthrone Blue (PC208)
Green: Deco Yellow (PC1011), Chartreuse (PC989); Spring Green (PC913), Apple Green (PC912), Olive Green (PC911), Crimson Lake (PC925)
Red: Permanent Red (PC122), Crimson Red (PC924)
Brown: Burnt Ochre (PC943), Chestnut (PC1081), Black Raspberry (PC1095)
Grey: 20% Warm Grey (PC1051), 50% Warm Grey (PC1054), 70% Warm Grey (PC1056)

[Compensated affiliate links used when possible. In addition, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Items marked with an asterisk (*) were provided by a store or the manufacturer. All other items were personally purchased.]

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  1. I always knew that you were sooooooo darn talented but this…..AMAZING – and kudos to you for using colored pencils – I do not think that I would have had the patience…..but again, your inspiration give me hope!

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